Sleep Training Method

Sleep Training Method

I don’t know what y’all believe in

I personally just believe in life

Last night at around 11 J woke up crying, I was having such a hard time getting him settled.

I’m trying not to breastfeed as often, as we are “weaning” breastfeeding. {I put quotes because I don’t think it’s happening any time soon, slow weaning here!}

I didn’t want to put him in to bed as this momma wants more of her nights back.

So here I am… a little quick sanned.

At almost 13 months, J has NEVER slept through the night.

Wow that hurt a little to type, that after all my hard- work, at trying to do right at every little thing.I have failed him at one really big thing.

Falling asleep on his own

11:11 I asked for help at wits end, I thanked the angels for their guidance until this far and I begged that my focus be put on J and his sleeping habits.

The rest of the night wasn’t any better but, this morning I found

I found her post about the tried and true sleeping method.

It felt like something shifted, He took one nap around 2 hours or so.

It was fantastic! It felt like I was being encouraged to put my focus on this.

Day 2, J needed a morning nap, he just couldn’t make it any longer let alone an hour or more like it would need to be. He only napped for 45 minutes in the morning and around an hour or so in the afternoon.

Update on night 2, J has been asleep for THREE hours on his own. Can we say win?? I am feeling confident in this you guys.

What are your sleeping tips for me?

Any of y’all have a kiddo like baby J? If so, I am sure you can relate!

Liked my post? Comment your littles one’s first birthday theme. I really want to do a post about birthdays!

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Stassi’s Podcast and Astrology talks.

Stassi’s Podcast and Astrology talks.

Do you ever get those times where it literally feels like everything is a sign? I have felt that way for the last 48 hours and to be honest, probably more like the last two weeks. I need to know something and run away if you think I am crazy but, I think I have an untapped ability or something ya’ll!

I got my Iphone back yesterday and I finally resubscribed to my favorite Podcasts which I just might do a post on, because this is only a “baby J old” hobby and I just LOVE them. They are ultra convenient when you’re doing dishes or cleaning house. A lot of them make me laugh, a few have been tear jerkers. It’s a good time.

The most recent I’ve listened to was an aura reader on Stassi Schroeders Podcast, Straight up with Stassi.

Stassi gets her aura read

Mystic Michaela is a fourth generation psychic medium who specializes in reading auras. She tells Stassi what color her authentic life is.

Seriously guys I would’ve thought that she was talking to me! Growing up I felt like I was missing something. I’ve always understood others on a different level. Empathetic to strangers even, feeling oddly in tune with everyone.
Has anyone else experienced this? I am so interested in these types of things. Astrology, healing, tarot cards. I even won a year ahead tarot card reading a few years ago. It was straight on by the way.
Shout out to The Wild Green Women also in no way sponsored, I just really loved her work. Go see her for all sorts of healing needs!
Nap time is almost over, I should get to figuring out lunch for J and I. Happy hump day everyone.
Equilibrio means the same in most languages plus WARNING Mercury going retrograde soon.

Equilibrio means the same in most languages plus WARNING Mercury going retrograde soon.

In a random Spanish film I watched this morning, I kept seeing “Equilibrio” on one of the bridges, it popped up a few different times throughout the movie. So I felt inclined to look up the meaning. The first thought that came to mind was equilibrium, ya know… balance. That is precisely what it means.

I am such a sucker for signs. I have a tough time forgetting certain things from time to time. I try, to take that as a stop and learn, because those usually end up being lessons.. Today I got my old phone back, it’s just starting to feel like things may be falling into place. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in waiting for a sign that we end up missing them when they do show up.

Have you noticed any signs recently? What has been tugging at you? I hate to say it but Mercury goes retrograde here soon.

November 16 – December 6 in fire sign Sagittarius, ends water sign Scorpio

Thankfully it ends shortly before baby J’s 1st birthday, I am feeling the heat of it getting closer and closer. Let’s make it through another week! Let me know if there is something you want to read in the comments! I love feedback, I am so new still.

What’s my Rising Sign?

What’s my Rising Sign?

This is a cellphone post so bear with me. I am out of town and that never happens, so I am a little out of sorts. In the last post, we spoke about moon signs; Which had me interested,

What other signs am I made of?

After hours of research, lots of breastfeeding & getting Baby J to sleep. I later find that you also have a rising sign. One quick Google search and I end up @ AstroSofa to uncover my rising sign, which I am told is


It does seem to describe me, although it had me thinking is this true? This is relevant to how I occasionally see myself but there is no way that’s me all the time… somewhat similar to my sun sign.

I did more research, by the way it’s now like 3 A.M. and I am far to excited to sleep. Which brought me to where it explains in great detail what the three most important signs are and what they mean to you.

In summary, the sun sign is like your spark notes, how you act and your general nature. Your Moon sign, is who you are inside… like at night, after you’ve put on a face all day and just want to be your true self. Lastly, the rising sign is who you are initially to someone, likely someone you don’t know all too well.

Uncovering my signs has allowed me to start looking deep within and make corrections or rather adjustments to certain parts of my life. Thats all, now head on over and find out yours, you will need your time of birth for an accurate calculation.

What are your three most important signs? Are you shocked by the answer?

I own zero rights to these websites and this isn’t a sponsored post. Just sharing the love!

My Moon sign explains a lot

My Moon sign explains a lot

I have been having a heck of a time lately. Emotionally, physically,and really just in a lot of aspects of my life. So, today I was trying to see astrology wise where the universe and I stood and, instead found Moon Sign Calculator   and it basically just told me everything that was wrong off with me!


I plugged in my information and the results are, that my moon sign is a Cancer. Which means my emotions are extremely important to me. They tend to flow up and down as Cancer is a water sign. That I am the sensitive and caring type and that we also like to stick together as a tribe. Which makes complete sense, I’ve always kinda gravitated towards those like me and since I am also a nurturer, I gravitate towards those that are complete opposite too.


Marc is a Cancer/Gemini for his sun sign (He won’t find his time of birth so it’s both) and no wonder we go through cycles of bumping heads. I can’t believe I went this long without knowing. It also suggested studying history or genealoy maybe even archaeology. I was just thinking yesterday about looking into the history of where I live and it’s spooky secrets. I am a firm believer in things like this so, I apologize if you think I am a wacko. Carry on with your Saturday afternoon…