Drop Dead Dice game review!

Drop Dead Dice game review!

Do you ever get sucked into the Pinterest portal.

You know, your kids are bored.

The last holiday or birthday was more then three days ago.

So you’re looking for something to do with the kids. You come across some ideas… but, you don’t have the right supplies. Or the prep time is far to long. Whatever the case, if that’s you…

I have something!

Unless you don’t have 5 dice… then I’m sorry… I’ve failed you 😐

I wasn’t even looking for something to do, it just popped up on my feed. Like it wanted us to play…

It’s called “drop dead dice game”!! Pause, it’s kid friendly, don’t worry! It was a learning game AND it was super fun! Which in my book… is kinda like winning the lottery.

It can be played with 5 or 10 dice 🎲 for 2 players, if you use 5 you’ll have to share. You could play with more but I would stick to 5 dice.

• You’ll need something to keep score on and write with.

That’s it!!! Seriously I can’t make this up.

You play until all of your dice are gone, you start with five dice,

•Roll 1- if you

A. Roll a 5 or 2 take those out and roll again. Don’t add any numbers yet.

B. If there are NO 5 or 2’s you add up all the numbers on the dice. Roll again with ALL dice.

Which is PERFECT for our little beginner math kiddos. A counted the dots and told me what she had.

You get so excited when you’re playing this sometimes you forget the rules 😂

Pin this so you’ll have it for later!

If you took out your 5’s and 2’s and on your next turn you had no 5’s or 2’s you then can add up all your dice and roll them all again.

You continue till the dice are gone.

A and I chose to do each game as it’s own, highest score winner.

For score keeping, we used a laminated sheet of paper that has lines for practicing writing, it wipes off easy which is perfect.

Ideally, you’d never get a 5 or 2 and could stack your points. You roll again after numbers are added… roll a 5 or 2 take them out and roll again.

Hopefully this pattern makes sense! I did not make up this game nor do I own any rights to it.

Original post can be found here 

from https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/

A and I played for almost all of J’s nap-time {over an hour} before she mentioned she was bored.

Total win!! Parent Points 4/5

I hope everyone is having a great New Year so far!!

Have you found any games for your kiddos on Pinterest?

Share some in the comments! Like what you read? Give me a follow please!

Do you ever picture yourself in a music video? Or someone narrating your every move?

Do you ever picture yourself in a music video? Or someone narrating your every move?

Picture it, you’re driving down the road, raindrops plop on your window as it’s slowly raining outside. It’s just one of those ya know,  emo- days where everything has you ‘in the feels’.

What song are you listening too? Who do you picture ‘voicing over’ when you are grocery shopping, “Corrie gets the grapes and places them in her cart, is she done?” “How will she know, She forgot her list at home.”

Anyone else do this?

Imagine if their life was a music video

or maybe a romantic comedy what songs would they choose? Just me? Ok… well if it was a movie similar to, Bruce Almighty, it would be narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

 The background music is questionable, I’ve been rocking Shallow by Gaga and Bradley Cooper it’s amazing. That would background my “Super sad just about to comeback moment.”

I could go on forever, I won’t bore ya’ll. What background would you choose for your music video? Maybe you’d be in a movie instead who’s your narrator?

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

I’ve been trying to locate some inspiration but instead I find myself speaking in GIF’S on Facebook messenger with my Mom. Which is super fun but it isn’t helping my writing. I’m pretty hungry, I ate two cheeseburgers for lunch but that was awhile ago so now I’m pretty hungry again!

White choclate cheesecake
I used white chocolate chips instead of bakers chocolate and melted it with a little coconut recipe

I made this white chocolate raspberry cheesecake for myself on my Birthday this year. I really wanted one and a pre-made one was WAY overpriced. I used a Oreo crust but I think next time I’d use a graham cracker instead. It was good though and I really wish I had it right now. Too tired to function so I am going to try to take advantage of J’s nap time.

If you guys are interested in the recipe let me know! Happy Saturday♥

Reasons why I love Glee the TV Show!

Reasons why I love Glee the TV Show!

How cute is that kitty, So comfy… I’m jealous! Photo by, Jack Simon

I’ve got the bug ya’ll, it is loud and out there too…

..the Glee bug!

I don’t know how I just discovered this, but I can’t stop watching it. Britney cracks me up, she really is such an air head and reminds me of a few people in school growing up (maybe sometimes myself… 😅) some of the things that come out of her mouth really get me laughing. In one episode Sue, (The Cheerios Coach) asked her “Is there anything else?” and Britney replied, ” I forget my middle name sometimes”. GOLD

Oddly maybe, I find Will attractive. With his singing and teacher/glee duties 😊, anyone else have a crush on a high school teacher?🤷‍♀️ Obviously he’s a huge reason on why Glee is well, Glee. Then there is Finn 💋 and oh aw Rachel, she’s so obnoxious sometimes but I just love her, I can relate!

Mercedes has an amazing voice, and Quinn with her teen pregnancy, and all that’s with that. I am only midway through season one. So I have a long way to go. Maybe I’ll update later with other hilarious quotes or events. If that’s something you guys love, let me know! TV happens to be one of my favorite “me” things in life that I do solely for me.

I am excited to see what is to come in the next 5 seasons! What TV show are you binge watching as the weather gets colder?

Seriously did that time change mess with anyone else a whole bunch? Poor J and A were up early Sunday morning which made for a long rest of the day. Here is a couple photos from the Pumpkin Patch, I will make a post on that later. Happy Monday♥

Jaxsons 1st ppatch

addie jojo bow

Unicornival aftermath, serious candy rush and lack of sleep has set in.

Unicornival aftermath, serious candy rush and lack of sleep has set in.

This weekend was a major success! Little A had a great time and I know that her guests did too. Between Cotton Candy, Balloon Darts and Punch a Cup (…and more) the kids had so much fun!


It seems like I always end up being way busy and forgetting to get photos. This year with the theme being a carnival, it made circumstances no different. I did get a few cute photos though, and it seemed like everyone liked their prizes. With all the games we had I honestly can’t choose which one was the best!


I have never really piped cupcakes before, but I borrowed a piping tube thing? and it totally changed my life. I had so much fun decorating these cupcakes. I used just a few drops of a pastel pink food coloring and I really love the color.


This is the link to where I got the frosting recipe. It is very sweet but so delicious too. Very easy directions to follow, it seemed to be a hit. I used two box cake mixes to save time, one devils food chocolate and one white confetti. In true fashion though, on Little A’s actual birthday weekend I made a confetti cake from scratch; Frosting and all! I don’t have a photo, actually I usually have decent photos of everything but my slowly dying iPhone finally died.

So how are you feeling after your children’s parties? I seriously feel like I got ran over by a mini trike loaded with 7 kids on top. Between the amount of kids and planning and sugar I think I asked for it.

I’ll share more as I round up photos!♥♥

The Unicornival planning continues, wish me luck I might not make it. The carnival games are winning.

The Unicornival planning continues, wish me luck I might not make it. The carnival games are winning.

*** This post was originally posted a week ago… it then disappeared and I dug it back up somehow.

Today shall be a quick one, I am in the midst of this ‘Unicornival’ and I just cannot seem to get things done fast enough during nap time😑. Which let’s be honest seems to be rare with baby J but, we are learning! Twice today he’s fallen asleep on his own. YES!

One of my favorite carnival games that I’ve done for little A’s party is this:

Sucker Pull!

Sucker pull

A very straight forward game, choose a sucker and if you see a dot• on the bottom you win a prize! We plan on allowing the children to keep their sucker after they pull it, even if they didn’t get a dot•. This way, everyone wins and the game actually as an ending in sight. I will update you guys with more fun things from the party as I go.

I just found this Unicorn Ring Toss  from Party Delights that I am planning to give a try. I will update accordingly!

Happy Almost Friday ♥