Sorry for the MIA…Where have you been?

Sorry for the MIA…Where have you been?


The hard drive on the only good computer we have went out over a month ago.

which is making it difficult to do anything with my blog or website 😦

I plan on fixing it.. but a mean house.. computer?? 

For now, I have my DINO of a laptop and it will work.



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Sleep Training Method

Sleep Training Method

I don’t know what y’all believe in

I personally just believe in life

Last night at around 11 J woke up crying, I was having such a hard time getting him settled.

I’m trying not to breastfeed as often, as we are “weaning” breastfeeding. {I put quotes because I don’t think it’s happening any time soon, slow weaning here!}

I didn’t want to put him in to bed as this momma wants more of her nights back.

So here I am… a little quick sanned.

At almost 13 months, J has NEVER slept through the night.

Wow that hurt a little to type, that after all my hard- work, at trying to do right at every little thing.I have failed him at one really big thing.

Falling asleep on his own

11:11 I asked for help at wits end, I thanked the angels for their guidance until this far and I begged that my focus be put on J and his sleeping habits.

The rest of the night wasn’t any better but, this morning I found

I found her post about the tried and true sleeping method.

It felt like something shifted, He took one nap around 2 hours or so.

It was fantastic! It felt like I was being encouraged to put my focus on this.

Day 2, J needed a morning nap, he just couldn’t make it any longer let alone an hour or more like it would need to be. He only napped for 45 minutes in the morning and around an hour or so in the afternoon.

Update on night 2, J has been asleep for THREE hours on his own. Can we say win?? I am feeling confident in this you guys.

What are your sleeping tips for me?

Any of y’all have a kiddo like baby J? If so, I am sure you can relate!

Liked my post? Comment your littles one’s first birthday theme. I really want to do a post about birthdays!

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Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms!

Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms!


I know the feeling all too well.

You’re frustrated, baby won’t latch, you feel like you haven’t gotten a minute to yourself in weeks.

You’re overly exhausted, and baby needs more food… all night long you feed..your boobs are filled with milk or maybe not filled enough.. nipples hurt ahhh!

How will you keep going on like this? Will you ever shower again…

the answer is yes! You can do it momma, and if you’ve tried it all and can’t, don’t feel obligated to. Fed is best! You’re doing great.

I was terrified to breastfeed

We did skin to skin for an hour after J was born and I felt this instant connection with my son. For that hour we bonded, and even at minutes old... he was searching for my boob! (I really like saying boob so much better then breast...hopefully no one is offended.

It was always my plan to breastfeed baby J, so even when it got REALLY difficult… and let me tell you, sometimes it was really hard. I tried my best to stick it out. I was lucky enough to only have problems for the first few months.

It will get better!!!

It’s true, I don’t know how long…

but it will get better. I kept seeing this everywhere  when I was looking for advice and to be honest I don’t really know if it helped or not. I think it can never hurt to try. So many times when J wouldn’t stop crying or when he couldn’t latch correctly I thought-this will never get any easier.

“Don’t cry over spilled milk.” Or do, if it’s breast milk.

{ I know you can relate}

There might be roadblocks

When J was born he was 7lbs 6oz which was way bigger than any of us thought he’d be! In the hospital I felt confident about our feeding, I really recommend to use the lactation consultants!! Their amazing, and so helpful. I was somewhat sure I had breastfeeding figured out. But once I got home, that wasn’t the case. J was dropping weight, even a couple weeks after birth.

We then were put on a STRICT schedule of waking him to feed every 2 hours (pumping after that) and feeding the bottle. He did gain weight this way and it really helped with getting feeding down! We also visited a Lactation Consultant again (She said J was actually feeding well, it worked as a good brush up & confidence boost)

After all though, it did in fact, get easier! Now baby J is One and it’s not even something we think twice about. He can very easily latch on his own, and my milk supply is very evened out, it’s just a normal part of every day. Seriously he could latch onto my breast upside down (yes he’s tried)

Take the help

Did you hear me?… Take the help!

Don’t forget that as a momma, you need to give yourself the time of day. Brush your teeth and hair, eat a meal (hey eat 2 meals), and accept whatever help you are offered. If you’re offered a shower so that you’re swollen boobs can relax, T A K E I T.

So many times, Marc would feed me ice cream or dinner just so that I could continue to breastfeed J. {lucky gal=me} It really meant a lot to me to have a good group of people around me. Between my family and Marc’s I’ve had a lot of help around.

For the longest time I wouldn’t accept help from anyone else besides Marc, and I was so exhausted. Not always was someone around of course, but when you’re exhausted and worn out; Even a pee alone can help. So if someone is offering to help… T A K E I T.

Do Your Research

I’m a pinterest and google queen, need a deal let me check Amazon really quick for you.

This isn’t necessary for everyone, it might even fit into the ‘ask for help’ section. However, I LOVE to do my research on things that influence my life. I’m an “overachiever” in that way I guess.

On the same token there is only so much you can do before actually having your baby and breastfeeding. Try to breathe Momma you’re doing great, if there are dads reading this… just do your best to listen and help where you can & GET SNACKS HURRY.

One thing I’d really recommend is, Lanolin Cream the hospital actually provided this to me and it was amazing! You can put it on before and after breastfeeding so it’s totally safe for baby (HUGE plus on my Parent Points scale…)

Helps with the rawness, especially if there is trouble with latching. J in the beginning had a hard time staying latched (he would get super sleepy).

Do you color with your kids? Little A and I, What coffee creamer do you use?

Do you color with your kids? Little A and I, What coffee creamer do you use?

coffee and coloring Some mornings you just need some coffee and coloring, J got up early this morning so he took a nap right after breakfast which was perfect, it gave A and I time to color.

Marc even ended up joining in to finish the page he had last time. Right as my hands were getting tired, perfect timing! I love coloring, it’s therapeutic.

So here I am during J’s second nap…listening to Speidi’s podcast Ft Kail Lowry from Teen Mom 2 , this is the best nap of the day usually. Little A is outside cleaning up her mess before winter hits I can’t believe how much my kids have changed in the last year.

We did a form of “preschool” at home whenever A was with us last year and now she is in Public Kindergarten and we are really struggling with the schedule. A lot less time together, it’s hard… but we will get through it like always and summers will be THAT much more special.

What is your current creamer?

My current creamer is Reese’s, Marc picked it up from the store for me. He’s so sweet sometimes. I think it’s alright, I’m going to give it a 6.5 the flavor isn’t exactly Reese’s as maybe burnt peanut butter with a chocolate background.

I want to try hazelnut next, I am going to have to make a list of my favorites. ♥ What are some of your favorites?

I smell snow&banana pancakes feeling like Jack Johnson* Finding your Happiness Fridayyyy WK 6

I smell snow&banana pancakes feeling like Jack Johnson* Finding your Happiness Fridayyyy WK 6

I smell S-N-O-W …

Any other Gilmore Girls fans out there? It’s like really snowing season here in the Midwest! I am ULTRA excited about this. I don’t really have anywhere to go, so when J& A and myself, looked out the window this morning. I felt nothing but Happiness because there were literally picture worthy flakes outside. In true fashion the flakes halted before I could even get a picture. They existed though ♥

Since having J, I have taken more opportunities to slow down and try to see things as a whole. Everything they are, instead of just what we see on the surface. He looks at everything so wide eyed, even the smallest of things bring him such joy. I feel a little jealous sometimes, so I decided to go with it. Looking at the little things, “wow thank you trees, look there- beautiful falling leaves” ya know because seasons, he looks for a window now when he wakes up.

SOOOOO if you are struggling with

These banana pancakes I made for J the other day. I even thought they were YUMMY- 2 Ingredients

Finding your Happiness this Friday

(see what I did there?) then do this. Take a look outside- find something beautiful. Look at all parts of it, a tree for what it was and now what it looks like. The street signs how new or old they look, maybe a unique name of a street you see pops up (learn something new everyday right?). Sounds silly although sometimes that can be just what we need.

What are you Happy about this Friday?

My Favorite Podcasts

My Favorite Podcasts

It’s pre-Friday I mean… Thursday Ya’ll and it’s an interesting one. Had some personal things to do and it’s thrown my whole day off. I had plans to listen to my Coffee Convos podcast as I usually do on Thursdays. That didn’t exactly happen so, I think I will just finally share

My Favorite Podcasts!

Coffee Convos

This is the very first podcast I actually subscribed to, I am an avid coffee convos listener here. When my phone broke I would just catch up on the computer, mostly while doing blog things at that. It’s ran by Kail Lowry who is from Teen Mom 2 and she is a mother of 3, all of which she has someone to co-parent with, so it makes her different experiences relatable.

Other host, Lindsie Chrisley, previously starred along side her family in USA’s hit “Chrisley Knows Best”. She is mother to one and married, her clean freak antics will make you feel like you should be cleaning right now. Kail and Lindsie are total opposites so it’s fun to listen to their opinions on the same subjects. I love this podcast!

Straight Up with Stassi

Okay so I discovered Vanderpump rules on Bravo just about a year ago, so when I got pregnant I binged like crazy. I tried to get through whatever seasons were available , I couldn’t stop watching! Stassi is the star of this podcast but originally I know her from the show.

She’s hilarious and has no filter! She makes mistakes to, so celebrity or not, you know she is still kinda human. If you’re a fan of the show like me.. you’ll love that she regularly has her co-stars/friends on the podcast. She’s also all into healing and astrology (love it) if you didn’t read my post yesterday go check it out for more on that.

Make Speidi Famous again

I was a huge “The Hills” nerd. I’ve seen every episode at least once, probably a lot more. “Speidi” as they go by is made up of Heidi and Spencer Pratt, and more recently their miracle baby. Wait? I had to think of his real name for a second, I believe it’s Gunner- he is referred to as miracle baby a lot. I didn’t like them in the Hills much. At that time they just seemed like villains.

Poor Lauren Conrad is all we saw however Spencer isn’t that guy at all. He’s just a happy go lucky crystal, family loving guy. They even podcast with Gunner which I love, they are real people like us y’all!

I am not sponsored by any means. I did link them in case you guys are interested in taking a listen. I know they all work on Apple however so far for android, Coffee Convos was all I could find on the Stitcher app. I especially love podcasts because they help me with the tedious SAHM tasks like cleaning the bathroom, or doing dishes.

What are you guys listening too? I’d love more recommendations!

Equilibrio means the same in most languages plus WARNING Mercury going retrograde soon.

Equilibrio means the same in most languages plus WARNING Mercury going retrograde soon.

In a random Spanish film I watched this morning, I kept seeing “Equilibrio” on one of the bridges, it popped up a few different times throughout the movie. So I felt inclined to look up the meaning. The first thought that came to mind was equilibrium, ya know… balance. That is precisely what it means.

I am such a sucker for signs. I have a tough time forgetting certain things from time to time. I try, to take that as a stop and learn, because those usually end up being lessons.. Today I got my old phone back, it’s just starting to feel like things may be falling into place. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in waiting for a sign that we end up missing them when they do show up.

Have you noticed any signs recently? What has been tugging at you? I hate to say it but Mercury goes retrograde here soon.

November 16 – December 6 in fire sign Sagittarius, ends water sign Scorpio

Thankfully it ends shortly before baby J’s 1st birthday, I am feeling the heat of it getting closer and closer. Let’s make it through another week! Let me know if there is something you want to read in the comments! I love feedback, I am so new still.