Baby J’s Favorite Books!

Baby J’s Favorite Books!

During the 30 day blog challenge, I felt inspired to share more of baby J’s favorites.

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J’s Favorite Books

So Big!

So Big! Perfect childrens book for ages 6 months - 12 months (more or less really) baby J has been "reading" this since 4 months. It was even passed down from Little A!
Baby J has been looking at So Big! since he was four months old. He loves the ‘surprise’ pop- up of Elmo at the end. It has really helped with his first set of words. Like Ma-Ma and Da-Da. He loves to throw his hands up for “So Big“. I recommend this one, by far one of my favorites!
Parent Points score- 5/5!!

Baby Einstein Neptune’s Friends Book, Box and Plush.

Neptune's Friends book, Box and Plush. A great book for a year and beyond. Interactive plush and book with sounds included.
J got this for Christmas, Neptune is the name of this cute little guy. The book that comes along with it, has a sound for each friend you meet along the way. It’s very “baby Einstein” Esque. It has just a few pages which can be on either end of the pro’s and con’s. Baby J does interact when I am reading this to him. Thumbs UP,
Parent Points score- 4/5

Find the Teddy

Find the teddy, an affordable "peek a boo" type book. You find teddy in different places, the end is a goodnight sequence. Perfect for a bedtime story!
Find the Teddy is also a duplicate from the 30 day blog challenge. However, Baby J didn’t like it near as much then as he does now at a year + old. He is beginning to point to the teddy in the book . Which is so exciting, I was wondering how long this book would stay! It ends with goodnight which is perfect for our long book reading bedtime routine.
Parent Points score 4/5 (I recommend ages 7 months and up)
“$ Looks like it’s a GREAT price right now!!”

Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see? A CLASSIC children's story. Very easy to catch on to the pattern and really encourages kids to start reading at even young ages.
This was Little A’s favorite when she was younger. It’s a super easy book to catch on to what is coming next. Now baby J is learning to appreciate it too! It works perfect for little ones like J or even those beginning to read like A. When she[A] first started learning, the images and the repetitiveness of this book really did wonders. On the same token if you are annoyed by the same song and dance just different music, this might be one for kids room only. CLASSIC
Parent Points Score 4/5

I really enjoy reading with the kids. We spent a lot of Winter Break reading books that the kiddos got for Christmas. Little A has just gotten into reading on her own, sometimes with a little help from me. I am waiting to post her list until it’s more finalized, have you tried getting a “final answer” from a six year old? Yeah it’s not easy guys!

What books are your little ones into? I would love to hear more recommendations! Do you like the Parent Points score? Let me know in the comments.

Happy New Year everyone!

Past troubles and closure like a off-brand sandwich bag

Past troubles and closure like a off-brand sandwich bag

When you want to work through troubles that happened in the past where do you start? Do you begin with pinpointing your feelings trying to figure out what triggered the emotion.

Or maybe you start with closure(not the off-brand sandwich bag kind)ok? whatever person/situation that comes along with troubles, you want to confront it and be done with the situation.
Either way, I have tried these methods with past situations and there is a few stand out situations that no matter which way I look at it, I still feel just as horrible. What if you caused the troubles, are we supposed to wallow… does that show empathy? Is it hypocritical to move forward, leaving the troubles behind? I struggle with being in this weird limbo about past situations in my life.

I’ll take all the suggestions I can get, I’m taking this week to cleanse myself of old worries…forever this time. 

My Favorite Podcasts

My Favorite Podcasts

It’s pre-Friday I mean… Thursday Ya’ll and it’s an interesting one. Had some personal things to do and it’s thrown my whole day off. I had plans to listen to my Coffee Convos podcast as I usually do on Thursdays. That didn’t exactly happen so, I think I will just finally share

My Favorite Podcasts!

Coffee Convos

This is the very first podcast I actually subscribed to, I am an avid coffee convos listener here. When my phone broke I would just catch up on the computer, mostly while doing blog things at that. It’s ran by Kail Lowry who is from Teen Mom 2 and she is a mother of 3, all of which she has someone to co-parent with, so it makes her different experiences relatable.

Other host, Lindsie Chrisley, previously starred along side her family in USA’s hit “Chrisley Knows Best”. She is mother to one and married, her clean freak antics will make you feel like you should be cleaning right now. Kail and Lindsie are total opposites so it’s fun to listen to their opinions on the same subjects. I love this podcast!

Straight Up with Stassi

Okay so I discovered Vanderpump rules on Bravo just about a year ago, so when I got pregnant I binged like crazy. I tried to get through whatever seasons were available , I couldn’t stop watching! Stassi is the star of this podcast but originally I know her from the show.

She’s hilarious and has no filter! She makes mistakes to, so celebrity or not, you know she is still kinda human. If you’re a fan of the show like me.. you’ll love that she regularly has her co-stars/friends on the podcast. She’s also all into healing and astrology (love it) if you didn’t read my post yesterday go check it out for more on that.

Make Speidi Famous again

I was a huge “The Hills” nerd. I’ve seen every episode at least once, probably a lot more. “Speidi” as they go by is made up of Heidi and Spencer Pratt, and more recently their miracle baby. Wait? I had to think of his real name for a second, I believe it’s Gunner- he is referred to as miracle baby a lot. I didn’t like them in the Hills much. At that time they just seemed like villains.

Poor Lauren Conrad is all we saw however Spencer isn’t that guy at all. He’s just a happy go lucky crystal, family loving guy. They even podcast with Gunner which I love, they are real people like us y’all!

I am not sponsored by any means. I did link them in case you guys are interested in taking a listen. I know they all work on Apple however so far for android, Coffee Convos was all I could find on the Stitcher app. I especially love podcasts because they help me with the tedious SAHM tasks like cleaning the bathroom, or doing dishes.

What are you guys listening too? I’d love more recommendations!

Can I get a OOOH ya? I am feeling brand new ya’ll!

Can I get a OOOH ya? I am feeling brand new ya’ll!


I kinda can’t stop smiling, not just because baby J is finally down for his first nap of the day, or because I have pumpkin pie coffee with added chai mix in my cup right now. Mostly because my face is feeling brand new!

face stuff
Stole my future MIL cup this morning, ignore the craftsman… but hey go tools!

for two days now, (yes just two days) I have been using Loreal’s RevitaLift Derm Intensives cream & serum. The serum is 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid which if you know skin care, it is AMAZING for your skin. If you don’t believe me check out this article from Dr. Oz about it. You use both of them twice a day and with just a few drops,you can cover your entire face. With the amount you get, you’re going to be feeling brand new for awhile. As a mom, especially one with very little sleep as baby J still doesn’t appreciate it. I would love to feel like myself again, and this is helping me. My skins feels tighter and overall just less groggy.

The cream is full of good things too. Its 10% pure Vitamin C serum. Their HIGHEST concentration of pure Vitamin C. I received these products complimentary but I highly recommend them. Paraben Free, Allergy Tested, Mineral Oil free, and Fragrance free!

If you would like this product but maybe it isn’t in your price range, I can’t guarantee this one specifically but, you can review products you already own and maybe even get some complimentary too with Influenster! Click here to join with me and get started!

#RevitaliftDermIntensives #contest, #ad, #complimentary, #free

Fortnite Parent Guide

Fortnite Parent Guide

So somehow I recently got sucked into this Fortnite fad and have made it my job to figure out how to be good at it. I apparently like to run directly out in the open for all to see me and I haven’t gotten fort building down that well yet. Wait, I think I sound a little ridiculous. That’s when I realize, as I hear through the microphone all different ages. Nearly every group can play this game.

While that sounds exciting to some, as a parent we go oh no. It had me wondering if there may be a few things to think about before letting your child play.

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

Available Everywhere

This game is available on pretty much any device you own, so that guarantees a TON of people playing. I think it can never hurt to monitor your little ones especially, if your allowing them to play online with anyone. (Yes, this is available on Phones as well)


It’s almost a main point in this game to brag, there are dance moves you can earn or buy to boast about killing another player.

Just like any other game, there are always the typical things to watch out for. Purchases being made if your financial’s are associated on the account and violence is always something to consider. What age are you comfortable with? They aren’t all negative though, I found some really great positive things about the game as well.


Having a team in this game, especially when you first start playing, is CRUCIAL and I can’t help but enjoy that kids are choosing to work together; Even if it is in a semi- violent nature. Hey it’s a plus + ladies and gents!

Quick Wit

You have to be very quick in Fortnite, immediately you’re off running and building. Getting weapons and supplies all while trying to not get killed. Oh, and did I mention there is this storm that kills you? There is a circle on the map that gets smaller and smaller throughout the game. It’s a lot of quick thinking.

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

Overall I actually don’t hate this fad, I just always like to make sure as a Parent I’ve done my research and I’m not having to question if I made the correct choice or not.

This was a bit of a long one, what are you guys playing? Are there any games you absolutely don’t allow your kiddos to play? Fill me in!

“Pinata” Hello I’m Nik

Why Fall is best for your new Blog

Why Fall is best for your new Blog

IMG_1227Fall has been creeping up for over a Month now. Let’s be real though… Autumn begins not when the leaves turn colors, or when you get your sweatshirt out of the back of the closet. It becomes full on Fall on September 1st, when Pumpkin Spice makes it’s arrival.

It’s a pretty exciting time of year. Especially in the Midwest. If, your lucky you might get to experience the full season and all it’s glory. Between football, beautiful nights that are perfect for bonfires and S’mores, and being able to open up all the windows in your house there isn’t a better time of year.

So it really had me thinking, what better time to start a blog. I just started this blog and I really couldn’t think of a better time to do it. This is about the time of year where we panic. Oh no.. Christmas is coming soon and the year is almost complete. You begin to ask yourself have I done enough, am I happy with this year.


Reasons why Fall is the best time to start a blog

Content Ideas

Seriously you can NEVER have to many things to write about. As I am noticing with being a new blogger, you have to stay committed if you want be be happy with your site. Fall is perfect for all kinds of ideas from Halloween to New Year’s Eve.


Getting cold outside

In the summer it can be difficult to commit to things. The summer starts and you have the “honeymoon summer” feeels and it seems like you have it all together and are eager to make plans. Somehow now it’s the end of summer and you haven’t done half the things you wanted or planned to do.


Just something about those Fall Vibes

There is just this unsaid feeling about Fall, even if things are going absolutely awful you can open a window and relax. There is nothing comparable to a Fall night with a cup of hot coffee or hot cocoa writing your blog.


Let’s be real, Fall is REALLY photogenic

Between pumpkin patches and leaves changing on trees your basically in a photographers dream. There are so many opportunities to take amazing photos’s with little experience. A few years ago, Little A wanted to wear her Halloween costume to the Pumpkin Patch, knowing how happy that would make her I warily agreed . I had no idea how awesome pictures in front of pumpkins would be! Still one of my favorite photos of my little Anna from Frozen at the Pumpkin Patch.♥♥

I hope some of these tips have inspired you as I have been feeling really inspired myself lately.  Do you have anything special your family always does in the Fall? I would love to hear about it. You can never have to many family traditions.