Follow Five New People on Social Media, Anxiety Mom Challenge Two.

Follow Five New People on Social Media, Anxiety Mom Challenge Two.

Did you challenge yourself?

How many of y’all were able to complete challenge one? Getting out of the house!

Now it’s time for,

Challenge Number TWO!!

This is all about getting out there in the blog/social media world 🌍‼️

One important lesson I’ve learned so far with my blog is, that it’s super important to get out there and “promote” if you will… your posts.

It’s good to connect with other bloggers.

Just like a group of friends at home. Like-minded people typically stick together and can thrive with one another.

It helps to have support with a new blog. Commenting on each other’s posts, following each other, learning and taking tips from one another.

So go follow 5 new friends!!

Super simple and can make a big difference!

Once you start following, you might find it hard to stop… extra points for a comment 😉

So go on!

Follow 5 new bloggers

If you’re not doing this challenge with your blog, you can get on Instagram and follow new friends/profiles close to what your niche is. Like 5 Facebook pages , or 5 new Pinterest boards.

Whatever it is, it’s challenge number two time.

Comment one person you followed and I will follow both of you!

Follow my page for more challenges to come! Like what you see? Check out my Pinterest.

Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms!

Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms!


I know the feeling all too well.

You’re frustrated, baby won’t latch, you feel like you haven’t gotten a minute to yourself in weeks.

You’re overly exhausted, and baby needs more food… all night long you feed..your boobs are filled with milk or maybe not filled enough.. nipples hurt ahhh!

How will you keep going on like this? Will you ever shower again…

the answer is yes! You can do it momma, and if you’ve tried it all and can’t, don’t feel obligated to. Fed is best! You’re doing great.

I was terrified to breastfeed

We did skin to skin for an hour after J was born and I felt this instant connection with my son. For that hour we bonded, and even at minutes old... he was searching for my boob! (I really like saying boob so much better then breast...hopefully no one is offended.

It was always my plan to breastfeed baby J, so even when it got REALLY difficult… and let me tell you, sometimes it was really hard. I tried my best to stick it out. I was lucky enough to only have problems for the first few months.

It will get better!!!

It’s true, I don’t know how long…

but it will get better. I kept seeing this everywhere  when I was looking for advice and to be honest I don’t really know if it helped or not. I think it can never hurt to try. So many times when J wouldn’t stop crying or when he couldn’t latch correctly I thought-this will never get any easier.

“Don’t cry over spilled milk.” Or do, if it’s breast milk.

{ I know you can relate}

There might be roadblocks

When J was born he was 7lbs 6oz which was way bigger than any of us thought he’d be! In the hospital I felt confident about our feeding, I really recommend to use the lactation consultants!! Their amazing, and so helpful. I was somewhat sure I had breastfeeding figured out. But once I got home, that wasn’t the case. J was dropping weight, even a couple weeks after birth.

We then were put on a STRICT schedule of waking him to feed every 2 hours (pumping after that) and feeding the bottle. He did gain weight this way and it really helped with getting feeding down! We also visited a Lactation Consultant again (She said J was actually feeding well, it worked as a good brush up & confidence boost)

After all though, it did in fact, get easier! Now baby J is One and it’s not even something we think twice about. He can very easily latch on his own, and my milk supply is very evened out, it’s just a normal part of every day. Seriously he could latch onto my breast upside down (yes he’s tried)

Take the help

Did you hear me?… Take the help!

Don’t forget that as a momma, you need to give yourself the time of day. Brush your teeth and hair, eat a meal (hey eat 2 meals), and accept whatever help you are offered. If you’re offered a shower so that you’re swollen boobs can relax, T A K E I T.

So many times, Marc would feed me ice cream or dinner just so that I could continue to breastfeed J. {lucky gal=me} It really meant a lot to me to have a good group of people around me. Between my family and Marc’s I’ve had a lot of help around.

For the longest time I wouldn’t accept help from anyone else besides Marc, and I was so exhausted. Not always was someone around of course, but when you’re exhausted and worn out; Even a pee alone can help. So if someone is offering to help… T A K E I T.

Do Your Research

I’m a pinterest and google queen, need a deal let me check Amazon really quick for you.

This isn’t necessary for everyone, it might even fit into the ‘ask for help’ section. However, I LOVE to do my research on things that influence my life. I’m an “overachiever” in that way I guess.

On the same token there is only so much you can do before actually having your baby and breastfeeding. Try to breathe Momma you’re doing great, if there are dads reading this… just do your best to listen and help where you can & GET SNACKS HURRY.

One thing I’d really recommend is, Lanolin Cream the hospital actually provided this to me and it was amazing! You can put it on before and after breastfeeding so it’s totally safe for baby (HUGE plus on my Parent Points scale…)

Helps with the rawness, especially if there is trouble with latching. J in the beginning had a hard time staying latched (he would get super sleepy).

Baby J’s Favorite Books!

Baby J’s Favorite Books!

During the 30 day blog challenge, I felt inspired to share more of baby J’s favorites.

I earn a small commission for purchases made though all amazon links on this post. Click on the photo for product details!

J’s Favorite Books

So Big!

So Big! Perfect childrens book for ages 6 months - 12 months (more or less really) baby J has been "reading" this since 4 months. It was even passed down from Little A!
Baby J has been looking at So Big! since he was four months old. He loves the ‘surprise’ pop- up of Elmo at the end. It has really helped with his first set of words. Like Ma-Ma and Da-Da. He loves to throw his hands up for “So Big“. I recommend this one, by far one of my favorites!
Parent Points score- 5/5!!

Baby Einstein Neptune’s Friends Book, Box and Plush.

Neptune's Friends book, Box and Plush. A great book for a year and beyond. Interactive plush and book with sounds included.
J got this for Christmas, Neptune is the name of this cute little guy. The book that comes along with it, has a sound for each friend you meet along the way. It’s very “baby Einstein” Esque. It has just a few pages which can be on either end of the pro’s and con’s. Baby J does interact when I am reading this to him. Thumbs UP,
Parent Points score- 4/5

Find the Teddy

Find the teddy, an affordable "peek a boo" type book. You find teddy in different places, the end is a goodnight sequence. Perfect for a bedtime story!
Find the Teddy is also a duplicate from the 30 day blog challenge. However, Baby J didn’t like it near as much then as he does now at a year + old. He is beginning to point to the teddy in the book . Which is so exciting, I was wondering how long this book would stay! It ends with goodnight which is perfect for our long book reading bedtime routine.
Parent Points score 4/5 (I recommend ages 7 months and up)
“$ Looks like it’s a GREAT price right now!!”

Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see? A CLASSIC children's story. Very easy to catch on to the pattern and really encourages kids to start reading at even young ages.
This was Little A’s favorite when she was younger. It’s a super easy book to catch on to what is coming next. Now baby J is learning to appreciate it too! It works perfect for little ones like J or even those beginning to read like A. When she[A] first started learning, the images and the repetitiveness of this book really did wonders. On the same token if you are annoyed by the same song and dance just different music, this might be one for kids room only. CLASSIC
Parent Points Score 4/5

I really enjoy reading with the kids. We spent a lot of Winter Break reading books that the kiddos got for Christmas. Little A has just gotten into reading on her own, sometimes with a little help from me. I am waiting to post her list until it’s more finalized, have you tried getting a “final answer” from a six year old? Yeah it’s not easy guys!

What books are your little ones into? I would love to hear more recommendations! Do you like the Parent Points score? Let me know in the comments.

Happy New Year everyone!

Feel Inspired through Mid-December ‘Elf on the Shelf’ Slump, Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Feel Inspired through Mid-December ‘Elf on the Shelf’ Slump, Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Are you running out of Elf on the Shelf ideas already?

It’s basically bound to happen

There are 25 days to fill if you start on December 1st, and even more if you start shortly after Thanksgiving.

That’s why I am here! To scour Pinterest for the BEST Elf on the Shelf Ideas. 

In today’s post I give you my favorites, of the two sites I am sharing with you guys today. They have Easy and Creative Elf on the Shelf ideas for my fellow parents out there. Please Follow their blogs as they are all credits to them. Happy Holidays!

31 Day Blog Challenge?

I am so  b e y o n d o v e r it…

It’s the holidays and I am just over trying to complete it!! If there were any days that you guys REALLY wanted to hear, I will absolutely answer!

As parents I feel like we’re always searching for other ways to get our kids to listen. I don’t know what is so different about when I was little to now,-but kids seem to have a harder time just doing what they are supposed to do.

Which I think is why Elf on the shelf was created. It gives children an extra incentive to do better at home.

I have never done it for Little A, Baby J is still young of course, but I am watching my niece do it this year and it looks SO fun. I love coming up with different ideas on where to put the elf.

Until I feel like your four days in… and then you’ve run out of ideas and still many days to go! Since I am taking a hiatus on the 31 Day Blog Challenge, I’ve decided to post a few different sites each day with Elf on the Shelf Ideas! 

“On the First Day of Elf on the Shelf”

we looked at

Smart Schoolhouse

She has a REALLY cute list of ideas. 

My Favorites

A cotton ball igloo hut (seriously so cute)

a cotton ball bathtub in the crock pot, complete with a rubber ducky and a towel (Elf hair care is important too)

next to the creamer bottle in the fridge-wrapped in a wash cloth blanket. (brrr , thanks for the ‘morning jo’ help, Elf.)

Holidays are the best! Such a bright time, so easy to find affordable and free events around town. With lighting ceremonies and holiday concerts, so cheery.


Has a slideshow of creative ideas!

A few I really loved

Rock climbing up the wall with Gift Bows, SO cute and simple.

 A puzzle, that way you can put it together later. I love a reason to do things as a family!

A melted snowman,  simple but I am sure it will get the little ones talking!

Are you doing elf on the shelf with your kids? What are some of your ideas? Share in the comments!

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What’s in your Handbag? Day 14 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge

What’s in your Handbag? Day 14 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge

The 31 Day Blog Challenge, Day 14

I switch between my “handbag” (more like black hole of a purse) and a bag that is a bit larger for longer day trips or whatever. I visited my parents today, so it has a few randoms and a few missing because I took the bag and not the handbag.

Am I making any sense? For the amount of coffee I’ve had today I’m not really with it. I had some at 2:30 in the afternoon. Maybe I am crashing,  I did almost fall asleep upstairs getting J to bed.

 What is in your Handbag?

  1. “Tigger” (Winnie the Pooh) pants 
  2. nose spray’ ( J has a dry nose sometimes)
  3. hair brush (square one?)
  4. birthday card from marcs grandparents
  5. my old smashed broken iphone
  6. a nose sucker
  7. a few prescribed muscle relaxers
  8. A’s chapstick
  9. A’s “lip gloss”
  10. a few more random lip colors that are basically A’s
  11. 2 charge cord adapaters
  12. a glue stick?
  13. a thermometer
  14. Loreal’s Revitalift 10% Pure Vitamin C Concentrate 
  15. Loreal’s Revitalift 1.5 Pure Hyaluronic Acid
  16. Random Keys
  17. 1 Baby J Sock
  18. Dental Floss
  19. Old receipts
  20. J’s cup (don’t worry it’s empty)

Are you guys doing the 31 day blog challenge with me? What’s in your handbag? OR quick one in the comments… top five things you ALWAYS carry?

Need to catch up on old posts?


What is your Proudest moment? 31 Day Blog Challenge Day ELEVEN

What is your Proudest moment? 31 Day Blog Challenge Day ELEVEN

When I found out I was pregnant it wasn’t the up all nights I first thought of, or the massive amount of money$$ it takes to raise a child. I was most terrified about giving birth. I pictured having a child my whole life, NEVER did I see myself giving birth.

So I was anxious most of my pregnancy and I waited and waited for these terrible contractions I had heard of to come about. Constantly googling if this is “that” contraction where baby is finally coming. Doing just dance with little A to try to induce labor. Sure enough none of those things worked. Which made me more scared! I never heard anyone say ” I loved giving birth” ya know?

What brought me to thinking about labor? It is DAY ELEVEN Guys unbelievable, if you’re new here I am doing the 31 day blog challenge. Check out some of my other days if you’d like


What is your Proudest Moment?

BY FAR my proudest moment would be when I gave birth to Baby J. I really didn’t think I could do it. I was induced on the 19th of December at around 8 am and had him at 5:02 PM. It was an experience like no other, contractions were the worst pain of my life!

I waited till the last second to get the epidural,

 I wanted a natural birth so bad 

since I was trying to relax in the jet tub we had no idea I had moved so far along, so quickly. I have gnarly scoliosis so the epidural was PAINFUL. The doc said she appreciated the challenge.

I couldn’t have had a better group of doctors available

I LOVE my doctor and since it was a teaching hospital it was helpful to have even more support. I really got so lucky.

What is your proudest moment? 

What’s my Rising Sign?

What’s my Rising Sign?

This is a cellphone post so bear with me. I am out of town and that never happens, so I am a little out of sorts. In the last post, we spoke about moon signs; Which had me interested,

What other signs am I made of?

After hours of research, lots of breastfeeding & getting Baby J to sleep. I later find that you also have a rising sign. One quick Google search and I end up @ AstroSofa to uncover my rising sign, which I am told is


It does seem to describe me, although it had me thinking is this true? This is relevant to how I occasionally see myself but there is no way that’s me all the time… somewhat similar to my sun sign.

I did more research, by the way it’s now like 3 A.M. and I am far to excited to sleep. Which brought me to where it explains in great detail what the three most important signs are and what they mean to you.

In summary, the sun sign is like your spark notes, how you act and your general nature. Your Moon sign, is who you are inside… like at night, after you’ve put on a face all day and just want to be your true self. Lastly, the rising sign is who you are initially to someone, likely someone you don’t know all too well.

Uncovering my signs has allowed me to start looking deep within and make corrections or rather adjustments to certain parts of my life. Thats all, now head on over and find out yours, you will need your time of birth for an accurate calculation.

What are your three most important signs? Are you shocked by the answer?

I own zero rights to these websites and this isn’t a sponsored post. Just sharing the love!