Follow Five New People on Social Media, Anxiety Mom Challenge Two.

Follow Five New People on Social Media, Anxiety Mom Challenge Two.

Did you challenge yourself?

How many of y’all were able to complete challenge one? Getting out of the house!

Now it’s time for,

Challenge Number TWO!!

This is all about getting out there in the blog/social media world 🌍‼️

One important lesson I’ve learned so far with my blog is, that it’s super important to get out there and “promote” if you will… your posts.

It’s good to connect with other bloggers.

Just like a group of friends at home. Like-minded people typically stick together and can thrive with one another.

It helps to have support with a new blog. Commenting on each other’s posts, following each other, learning and taking tips from one another.

So go follow 5 new friends!!

Super simple and can make a big difference!

Once you start following, you might find it hard to stop… extra points for a comment 😉

So go on!

Follow 5 new bloggers

If you’re not doing this challenge with your blog, you can get on Instagram and follow new friends/profiles close to what your niche is. Like 5 Facebook pages , or 5 new Pinterest boards.

Whatever it is, it’s challenge number two time.

Comment one person you followed and I will follow both of you!

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The reason behind your business name? 31 Day Blog Challenge Day THREE

The reason behind your business name? 31 Day Blog Challenge Day THREE

Let’s keep this thing going! DAY THREE of my 31 day blog challenge from Pinterest. If  you’re new here welcome, I am doing the 31 day blog challenge, here is the  Introduction  Day TWO was  20 Questions about me. Now on to day three!

The reason behind your business name?

In my case blog name

Baby J & Little A

I struggled a little with the name because obviously they both are my babies but A is getting a little older now, and we’re working on adjusting to that and J is still so young in my eyes I think it just works.

I wanted my blog to reflect who I am,  my family is my main priority in life, especially now while J and A are young. Teaching them and guiding them to where they need to be. I love my job but being a mother is really hard. Trophies to all parents!

I’ve enjoyed the challenge so far. Anyone else doing the challenge? If you are, share with me your posts so I can like and follow along!

Way to much information about me! DAY TWO of 31 Day Blog Challenge

Way to much information about me! DAY TWO of 31 Day Blog Challenge

Yikes, I was contemplating bedtime guys. I really forget about this for a minute. However, I am dedicated and not quitting… now… or hopefully not until it’s done!

So day 2 of my challenge from Pinterest. It’s 20 facts about me! I don’t think I’m too interesting but let’s go!

1. I have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It’s a rarely diagnosed disease but is gaining more awareness then ever. It’s genetic I got it from my mother.

2. I also have scoliosis, I wore a back brace for two years, all of middle school! I got it off my freshman year of high school.

3. I love sweets. I have a serious addiction

4. I had Gestational diabetes with Baby J and it put me soooo out of my element. I had to carb count and sugar count and check my blood 3 times a day and initially it was even more blood pokes 😦 my poor fingers y’all. Shout out to the other Gestational Diabetes Momma’s out there.

5. I know every word to 50 cent’s 21 questions.

6. I’ve seen Friends all the way through at least 20 times.

7. I have a series love for binge watching tv shows.

8. Dawson’s creek was fantastic team Pacey

9. These are facts about me shoot. Okay I was a competitive dancer growing up, I was on dance team 1 year in high school(after I figured out that you had to get up at 6 am ALL summer) that’s a lot of dedication for a 16 year old.

10. Of course I am a mom, mother of 2 Baby J and Little A!

11. I breastfeed, J has done pretty well. It was tough at first but we got the hang of it!! Hang in there if you’re going through that stage right now.

Fell asleep just now trying to get J back to sleep UGH

12. I would much rather clean my house with vinegar water then other household cleaners

13. I love Dr. Pepper

14.I’ve also seen Gilmore Girls about 20 times through.

15. I used to play zombies on Call of Duty in my free time. I haven’t played in a long while!

16. Dream car? 67 impala

17. I’m terrified of mice

18. I find astrology incredibly interesting

19. I pierced my nose 3 different times, it’s still not currently pierced though.

20. I am so tired this has to just be done

That’s it, 20 facts about me. If you want to follow the challenge I just started, day 1 was yesterday, introduction. See y’all tomorrow!

Finding your Happiness Friday with a 31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE Day ONE

Finding your Happiness Friday with a 31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE Day ONE

Finding your Happiness with a 31 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE OH YEAH

I was browsing through Pinterest trying to spark some creativity as my brain is not very awake today. I can’t believe it is Friday! So, I ended up stumbling upon a challenge. I would’ve never really thought to do a blog challenge, BUT– here is where I found the pin! It’s called a 31 Day Blog Challenge and I’m excited to try something new!

Finding your Happiness Friday!

Honest I don’t have a clue what “week” it is… I hope it’s alright that I am discontinuing that part. Finding your Happiness Friday however is still in full form. My happiness today is the 31 Day Blog Challenge. Super excited to start this, Week One is where you simply give an introduction.


My name is Corrie, I am momma to two, baby J and little A. They’ve inspired me to find my true self, & along this ‘self awakening’ of sorts I have found joy in this blog!

Sharing motherhood with other moms from all over, feeling like I have a place where I can connect and be able to share things I’ve learned along the way.

Motherhood can be lonely and with anxiety like I have, it becomes even more so. I hope that I can take away some of the worry from other momma’s, by connecting and listening! I can be an ear for any mom that just needs a break today.

If this sounds like it suits you, whether you’re a parent or not, please give me a follow! Read my posts and comment I enjoy feedback!

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What are your holiday traditions?

What are your holiday traditions?

Thursday’s are becoming more like Friday’s…

I am just putting that out there now! I am getting Little A on a Thursday this week as she is out of school tomorrow. I have no idea why they are out however I am pretty excited about it because we can now go to this Winter thing I wanted to take her to!

It’s going to be full of real reindeer, Santa, and a light ceremony all FOR FREE. Which in my opinion makes the event even better! So we’re headed to that tonight.

I will take photos and share them with you guys later. Which brings me to my topic… finally- yes I am getting there.

What are your family holiday traditions?

I LOVE this time of year so much. It’s so happy and joyous, about the only buzz kill is the Midwest is getting freeezing cold.

I love to take the kids to see Santa! Before J was born I would take A and my littlest sister and brother. We usually go to Bass Pro Shop, it’s fun to look around at things and free photos!

I know I have a pattern, I just love a good deal ya’ll. I love Decorating the tree after Thanksgiving with the family and Christmas music.

What do you guys love most about the holidays? 

We are in between places this year, so I will be totally out of my element with unplanned holidays and not decorating the house and tree. It will just make next year that much more sweet.

Leave some joy in the comments if you’d like! Happy almost Friday 🙂 If you haven’t checked out last weeks Finding your Happiness Friday you should totally do so!

Do you color with your kids? Little A and I, What coffee creamer do you use?

Do you color with your kids? Little A and I, What coffee creamer do you use?

coffee and coloring Some mornings you just need some coffee and coloring, J got up early this morning so he took a nap right after breakfast which was perfect, it gave A and I time to color.

Marc even ended up joining in to finish the page he had last time. Right as my hands were getting tired, perfect timing! I love coloring, it’s therapeutic.

So here I am during J’s second nap…listening to Speidi’s podcast Ft Kail Lowry from Teen Mom 2 , this is the best nap of the day usually. Little A is outside cleaning up her mess before winter hits I can’t believe how much my kids have changed in the last year.

We did a form of “preschool” at home whenever A was with us last year and now she is in Public Kindergarten and we are really struggling with the schedule. A lot less time together, it’s hard… but we will get through it like always and summers will be THAT much more special.

What is your current creamer?

My current creamer is Reese’s, Marc picked it up from the store for me. He’s so sweet sometimes. I think it’s alright, I’m going to give it a 6.5 the flavor isn’t exactly Reese’s as maybe burnt peanut butter with a chocolate background.

I want to try hazelnut next, I am going to have to make a list of my favorites. ♥ What are some of your favorites?

Mommy Ear Mommy Ear where are you? Are you listening to your kids?

Mommy Ear Mommy Ear where are you? Are you listening to your kids?

I have felt a strong urge lately towards doing my best to listen. Not always just listening to people but, being still and just taking a moment to check in with yourself. I am the type of person to lean towards the need to fill any sort of silence with well… anything. Let it be a podcast, or music, or just simply mindless chatter. I think it can be helpful to just stop for a moment.


Something I find with having a baby, especially a non-sleeping one like baby J. You notice how much more valuable time is. Especially when it is limited and not at your own choice or even a schedule you chose. You begin to notice the lack of silence.. A moment of serenity even, 30 seconds without a thought. Still and complete quiet is absolutely a form of self-care. One that I think we tend to forget about.

If you find yourself struggling today,  Take 30 seconds, try listening to a white noise like rain or outdoor sounds. Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth… simple yet such a good tool when you just need a second. Okay, now that you’ve done that for yourself (you feel a little better right?) Don’t think about what you’re going to make for dinner, or what the weather will be tomorrow. Take a few minutes and actually listen to your children. Have dinner at the table tonight and ask a few Ice breaking questions, Soon they won’t want us to listen at all.

Seriously… Little A is in kindergarten and the smart cookie skipped pre-school so, this is all new to us. She gets home on Friday’s and I ask, “What did you learn babe?” “uhh 2+2=4… ?”. Well you say that every week babe, “You learned nothing else?” It’s really hard to get her talking these days. I think it’s happening, Little A is getting bigger and slowly needing me less for things! Eeek.

Photo by Kristopher Roller

So what are your topic ideas? What do you bring up to really get your kids talking?♥