Drop Dead Dice game review!

Drop Dead Dice game review!

Do you ever get sucked into the Pinterest portal.

You know, your kids are bored.

The last holiday or birthday was more then three days ago.

So you’re looking for something to do with the kids. You come across some ideas… but, you don’t have the right supplies. Or the prep time is far to long. Whatever the case, if that’s you…

I have something!

Unless you don’t have 5 dice… then I’m sorry… I’ve failed you ūüėź

I wasn’t even looking for something to do, it just popped up on my feed. Like it wanted us to play…

It’s called “drop dead dice game”!! Pause, it’s kid friendly, don’t worry! It was a learning game AND it was super fun! Which in my book… is kinda like winning the lottery.

It can be played with 5 or 10 dice ūüé≤ for 2 players, if you use 5 you’ll have to share. You could play with more but I would stick to 5 dice.

‚ÄĘ You’ll need something to keep score on and write with.

That’s it!!! Seriously I can’t make this up.

You play until all of your dice are gone, you start with five dice,

‚ÄĘRoll 1- if you

A. Roll a 5 or 2 take those out and roll again. Don’t add any numbers yet.

B. If there are NO 5 or 2’s you add up all the numbers on the dice. Roll again with ALL dice.

Which is PERFECT for our little beginner math kiddos. A counted the dots and told me what she had.

You get so excited when you’re playing this sometimes you forget the rules ūüėā

Pin this so you’ll have it for later!

If you took out your 5’s and 2’s and on your next turn you had no 5’s or 2’s you then can add up all your dice and roll them all again.

You continue till the dice are gone.

A and I chose to do each game as it’s own, highest score winner.

For score keeping, we used a laminated sheet of paper that has lines for practicing writing, it wipes off easy which is perfect.

Ideally, you’d never get a 5 or 2 and could stack your points. You roll again after numbers are added… roll a 5 or 2 take them out and roll again.

Hopefully this pattern makes sense! I did not make up this game nor do I own any rights to it.

Original post can be found here 

from https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/

A and I played for almost all of J’s nap-time {over an hour} before she mentioned she was bored.

Total win!! Parent Points 4/5

I hope everyone is having a great New Year so far!!

Have you found any games for your kiddos on Pinterest?

Share some in the comments! Like what you read? Give me a follow please!

Where do you want to be in 10 years? 31 Day Blog Challenge day 20

Where do you want to be in 10 years? 31 Day Blog Challenge day 20

Between Christmas shopping, J’s 1st Birthday quickly approaching, and my lack of sleep. I am getting nowhere fast guys! I am so sorry I have been ‘MIA’ and I will try to get a few of these out as soon as I can. Day 20 of the

31 Day Blog Challenge

31 Day Blog Challenge Day 20 Baby J and Little A

I haven’t posted the whole challenge in awhile. If you’d like to join it with me, please do!

Where do I want to be in 10 years?

Do you ever feel like you get the blues from never being satisfied? I think as a Mom I really try to strive to make everything “perfect”. I want the best memories, the best photos, I want things exactly how I’ve envisioned them.

Since I am not rich, I have to really come to terms with the fact that not everything will be that way and to not forget that there were many days I just wanted children of my own or a family of my own, it isn’t the worst if I don’t have everything else exactly how I want.

I really would love to have a home of our own that we are happy. For us to be able to do more things as a family, it’s been a really hard year or so with everything we’ve had going on and I would love to just enjoy life.

As for my blog Baby J and Little A I would love to see growth! I feel like I’ve grown a lot even just since the beginning of my blog. Here is my first post, I’ve grown since then

Where do you want to be in 10 years? So sorry I have been MIA guys! Let me know what you want to see in the comments.

Missed other days?


What is the timeline of your day? 31 Day Blog Challenge Day FIFTEEN

What is the timeline of your day? 31 Day Blog Challenge Day FIFTEEN

My day is made up of the same events, just at different times. WOMP WOMP how boring that sounds… Being a SAHM over the last few years has drastically changed. I went from pre-school and pregnancy to Kindergarten and a BABY it’s crazy how quickly things progress.

Now I will have a toddler anytime, baby J will have to become Toddler J OH I don’t know guys. Anyway it’s that time of day again for the

31 day Blog Challenge

I realized I’m missing Finding your Happiness Friday. If you guys didn’t see any of those or don’t know what that is here are a few to check out,  FHFWeek 1    FHF Week 2

Getting back to the challenge it is day 15 folks and We’re almost halfway through…

Timeline of your day!

J usually gets up anywhere from 6 A.M. to 9 A.M. , one day I found a lifesaving schedule where you could put in the wake up time and it would give you an idea of what time for naps and how long. It helped so much ya’ll I wish I could find it. If I do I will add it to the post. Helped so much with baby  J getting night and day mixed up!

Wake Up Time

We get up and play for a little while and then have breakfast, usually fruit and yogurt,  or scrambled eggs, he likes french toast (without syrup and vanilla flavoring), Toast with some peanut butter. I am still working on ideas. I am so up to suggestions guys!

He loves almost everything he’s tried. If I have A she usually wakes up later, has cereal or if I make breakfast whatever that is (pancakes, cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs)

Play all day long timeline

Then we play throughout the day and literally eat all day, because Baby J thinks he has to. A few of his favorites right now are Then J takes a morning nap about two hours after he wakes up. I give out ideas for A to play if she’s here and we enjoy the shorter times we have together right now.


  • Baby Mum Mum teething biscuits
  • ‘baby’ Goldfish
  • Round ‘O cereal ( I have since this was originally posted this, started slowly introducing FULL fat milk. By soaking some in milk for J)
  • Crackers of ANY kind
  • Mashed Strawberries or peanut butter (or both) on toast.
  • Banana Pancakes (you can add in lots of different other options) I’ve tried peanut butter, strawberries, and blueberries.

I have to really wake him up One hour after the start of his first nap. This is a trick I learned from the website. Make sure you do not skip this step if you’re working on night and day mix-up.


  • J loves Banana pancakes and I even added peanut butter
  • I have also started making little lunch rounds or pancakes whatever you want to call it. HE at two of them and it included an egg and about 1/4 cup of different vegetables.
  • Mashed strawberry (other fruit works too! Raspberry, blueberry, banana) for “jelly” and peanut butter sandwich. (he’ll eat half a sandwich most times or more)

I have been trying to incorporate healthy items. About 2.5 hours later he takes another nap. He does fight this some but when we stick to the schedule it gets easier.

UPDATE 12 month sleep regression is real for us. He doesn’t want to take either of his naps currently, so sorry if any other momma’s are here with me. Want to know a few of his favorite books? Click on for that post!

Bed Time 

After nap more playing and figuring out dinner which I forget we need most nights, dinner (really slacking currently here) then I try to get a little more energy out of the kids and wind down time; Brush teeth and off to sleep.

J is not sleeping through the night, not even close most nights. So I get a little while to myself and then I go to bed for the night with J. With Little A in school we’re not getting as much time as we were. In the summertime my schedule will change a bit!

Hope that didn’t put you to sleep, I feel pretty tired.

What do you guys like about your day the most? Let me know in the comments!

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