I smell snow&banana pancakes feeling like Jack Johnson* Finding your Happiness Fridayyyy WK 6

I smell snow&banana pancakes feeling like Jack Johnson* Finding your Happiness Fridayyyy WK 6

I smell S-N-O-W …

Any other Gilmore Girls fans out there? It’s like really snowing season here in the Midwest! I am ULTRA excited about this. I don’t really have anywhere to go, so when J& A and myself, looked out the window this morning. I felt nothing but Happiness because there were literally picture worthy flakes outside. In true fashion the flakes halted before I could even get a picture. They existed though ♥

Since having J, I have taken more opportunities to slow down and try to see things as a whole. Everything they are, instead of just what we see on the surface. He looks at everything so wide eyed, even the smallest of things bring him such joy. I feel a little jealous sometimes, so I decided to go with it. Looking at the little things, “wow thank you trees, look there- beautiful falling leaves” ya know because seasons, he looks for a window now when he wakes up.

SOOOOO if you are struggling with

These banana pancakes I made for J the other day. I even thought they were YUMMY- 2 Ingredients

Finding your Happiness this Friday

(see what I did there?) then do this. Take a look outside- find something beautiful. Look at all parts of it, a tree for what it was and now what it looks like. The street signs how new or old they look, maybe a unique name of a street you see pops up (learn something new everyday right?). Sounds silly although sometimes that can be just what we need.

What are you Happy about this Friday?

Finding your Happiness Week 5 Halloween Deets!

Finding your Happiness Week 5 Halloween Deets!

That time of the week folks, Friday already! I can’t believe it. I wish I had something super sentimental this week but with Halloween I don’t have a whole bunch of energy. I feel wiped. Baby J went as Spider-man, I struggled for awhile trying to figure out a costume for him, originally it wasn’t in the budget. Then once it was it was pretty late, so I found a really adorable Lion costume. Got home, excitement dies down… I decide to have him try it on and thank goodness I did. The head part was too small and he had a meltdown when I put this fuzziness on him. Needless to say it went back. At this point we’re like a day from Halloween.

Booo  Witch?

I couldn’t bring myself to spend almost $20.00 on a costume that would only fit him once and I barley liked. Not to mention he’s 10 months so he isn’t really trick- or treating, So I wandered around the store, thinking about what I could cook up. When I found them, hanging there on the rack for a beautiful $7.84. Spider-man pajamas! They were long-sleeve and pants… so perfect for the Midwest. We even had the best weather, in the low 60’s and no blizzard this year that equals a win!

Which brings me to our Friday Happiness!

“Finding Your Happiness Friday”

It was our “off” Halloween with little A, so it would’ve been easy be down and not make the most of it. We knew A was off having fun though and it was J’s first Halloween after all. So we went out and tried to have the best time we could, I think we all had a good time. There were things I wanted to do, and I feel like I should’ve taken him Trick- Or Treating or maybe had a better costume. That is my point though no what if’s this Friday let’s be happy for the haves! I will share some of the really adorable and creepy additions my mom had with dinner.


GUESS what time it is… Yeah it’s Finding your Happiness Friday PT 4*

GUESS what time it is… Yeah it’s Finding your Happiness Friday PT 4*

It’s that time of the week again folks! Hopefully you had a great one, or if it wasn’t the best that you’ll take a few moments to find a small bit of happiness and restart before the weekend hits!

There is something about the fall time that has really good fresh start vibes. The colors have been inspiring me left and right, and I am pretty sure that I’ve changed the header on the site at least three times in the last week or so. Which brings us to our Friday Happiness pick.

The Scenery

Seriously, I don’t know about other places but in the Midwest it’s like a painting sometimes. From your first step outside, you can see all the leaves changing and the ground is scattered with them too. Not to mention pumpkins are everywhere! I love seeing the different types of Jack o Lanterns.



I ended up on a spontaneous trip over the last couple of days, I stayed in the same state but it was a two hour drive. The drive felt long, but everywhere I passed I thought wow I wish I had a photo of that. The trees, the empty fields along the way and abandon farms. So as you finish out your Friday or maybe you are just starting your Friday… either way make it a point to look outside. Breathe in the sweet Fall air and all it’s pumpkin spiceness glory.

What are you smiling about on this October Friday?


Finding Your Happiness Friday Wk 3 (Happy Day)

Finding Your Happiness Friday Wk 3 (Happy Day)

Little A is out of school today and It’s still a little different for me that she’s even in school. So days off seem pretty normal still 😁. We split time with Little A so I am enjoying extra time! Little O my niece she is home as well. So they are having a good time…well at least half uh some of the time anyway. Girls can’t get along for too long without having drama over the way one looked at the other, or when she stuck her tongue out or one I’ve heard more recently that is new; I don’t want to fight so I just can’t play with her.

In true fashion though it is FRIDAY, (So happy!) I asked Little O and Little A today what they found happiness in? I’ll admit some days that seems like a hard question to answer for me, so I was prepared for a long wait. All of 2 seconds later and Little A shouts, “SHOPKINS!” Little O thinks for another second, “hmmm… RAMEN Noodles”. I know ramen is terrible🤦‍♀️ but they don’t eat it everyday. That simple though, that quick, and I was proud of them. I think we can learn a little something from the kiddos around us.

Which brings me to today ‘FHF’

Finding your Happiness Friday!

BE happy or else.

Last night, well every night… J has a hard time sleeping. He woke up when I went to get Little A’s bed ready and was so fussy, so A gets into bed and BOY does baby J stink. No wonder he was fussy! For some reason,  A really wanted me to change him there. I asked her to get a diaper for me, and she happily went to do so. After I change him… I put him down in his crib and run downstairs to get the awful stink bomb disposed of. Just as I get to the bottom of the steps you can hear J wailing as if I have left town. Immediately Little A begins to sing all the songs.

Not just songs, songs that she knows for a fact J loves. If one didn’t calm him down, she started on the next. It was so sweet! Having J was a huge adjustment, especially for A and I. For years, A and I have spent a lot of time just her and I. Marc works a lot and I’ve been the stay at home Momma for awhile now, which made it even harder to split our time. We have been through it this past year but in that moment… my heart felt so full, so happy. For awhile I even had a hard time adjusting ( I know hard to believe right, we’re human.) and this just felt right. It confirmed for me that things are headed in the right direction.

That is my Happiness for this Friday, what are ya’ll choosing today?!

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Finding your Happiness Friday Week 2

Finding your Happiness Friday Week 2

I can’t believe that it’s the second week of ‘Finding your Happiness Friday’. With Addie’s party tomorrow I am in total party focus. Nothing else is in my view! This won’t be too long of a post. I’m sorry for the lack of content lately. I will have tons to post next week!😁

Little baby J , when we found out he was a little dude! We were literally ecstatic!

The photo above is a frame my Mom and I found on clearance at Walmart. We had just spent the whole day shopping, full of walking in the pouring rain to the car (seriously we laughed so hard) actually… we laughed a lot! Let’s just start off by saying my Mom has a terrible sense of direction. So we’re making our way to go get lunch and we ended up the complete other direction at Walmart.  We laughed it off and ended up finding this frame! There was only one and it seemed like it was meant for me. I felt good about my pregnancy at that moment. Which was tough during my pregnancy, I wasn’t always feeling the greatest.

I think for the most part, I may have just enjoyed getting out of the house and spending time with my momma! Your turn! What are you going to think back on, or what are you focusing on this Friday?!

If I don’t post, have a fantastic weekend! ♥

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*Finding your Happiness Friday*

*Finding your Happiness Friday*

A huge reason I started this blog is to feel a sense of purpose while having something that I am proud of, and enjoy doing. As I was deciding what I wanted Friday’s to be all about, it really had me thinking! As parents, we (or at least me?) get stuck in quick sand every so often. Those times where everything feels so overwhelming, that you just need little encouragements to give you an extra boost.

IMG_3608 (1)
Almost too cute to eat… Almost

How does Finding your Happiness Friday work though? So, before the weekend we all think of just one thing to make us smile today. Whether we work Monday through Friday, or you’re a Stay at home Parent, or your weekend is filled with work. We can all smile about one thing together.

⇐This adorable little snowman really saved me shortly after having baby J. I hadn’t had a doughnut in what felt like years… I developed Gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant, so it was a huge change for me… I have a major sweet tooth. Anyway a week or so after baby J was born, Marc went out and got a dozen donuts and this one cute snowman was specifically for me. The face was that delicious sugary thing you usually find on cupcakes too. I am hungry thinking about it!

The point is, it really made me smile. The gesture was incredibly thoughtful, and sweet, and just what I wanted! Having a newborn is truly difficult and that day, it made me smile.

So.. go get a doughnut ya’ll!

Or … What one thing are you going to do to smile today?♥♥

“This is the Sign You’ve been looking for” Austin Chan

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