The reason behind your business name? 31 Day Blog Challenge Day THREE

The reason behind your business name? 31 Day Blog Challenge Day THREE

Let’s keep this thing going! DAY THREE of my 31 day blog challenge from Pinterest. If  you’re new here welcome, I am doing the 31 day blog challenge, here is the  Introduction  Day TWO was  20 Questions about me. Now on to day three!

The reason behind your business name?

In my case blog name

Baby J & Little A

I struggled a little with the name because obviously they both are my babies but A is getting a little older now, and we’re working on adjusting to that and J is still so young in my eyes I think it just works.

I wanted my blog to reflect who I am,  my family is my main priority in life, especially now while J and A are young. Teaching them and guiding them to where they need to be. I love my job but being a mother is really hard. Trophies to all parents!

I’ve enjoyed the challenge so far. Anyone else doing the challenge? If you are, share with me your posts so I can like and follow along!

Welcome to Baby J & Little A

Welcome to Baby J & Little A

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My name is Corrie, I am momma to two, baby J and little A. They’ve inspired me to find my true self, & along this ‘self awakening’ of sorts I have found joy in this blog!

Sharing motherhood with other moms from all over, feeling like I have a place where I can connect and be able to share things I’ve learned along the way.

Motherhood can be lonely and with anxiety like I have, it becomes even more so. I hope that I can take away some of the worry from other momma’s, by connecting and listening! I can be an ear for any mom that just needs a break today.

If this sounds like it suits you, whether you’re a parent or not, please give me a follow! Read my posts and comment I enjoy feedback!

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