Thanksgiving Anxiety

The anxiety starts to get worse when I even think about the holidays coming up.😅 not even exaggerating.

I’m sweating. Seriously I can see it now.

Oh hey everyone!

“When are you guys getting married? Why are you leaving so early? Why do you have so many Thanksgiving’s, why isn’t A here… ?


Believe me. I wouldn’t mind answers to some of those but, I’m going to guess Thanksgiving with our families isn’t the best time for that.

Fall 🍂

The list could go on for a very long time. I want to hibernate just thinking about it.

I wish I had this cool magic anxiety trick but I don’t. The only big tip I can give is don’t lie. It’s gets even more exhausting in the long run. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Stay strong this thanksgiving and into the holiday seasons. Feel free to comment, follow us on Instagram & here on the blog!

Thank you so much for reading.


Mindful of your Meditation

Anxiety challenge is back!

It’s challenge number four. I know these challenges are sporadic but it really is in true anxiety form right??

Okay, this one is all about you. This is great for when the kids are napping or have gone to bed. Also good for when you have to run into the bathroom & hide. Your kids are really in charge anyway right?

Mindful of your Meditation

Meditating (Me Time)

I hate to really call it meditating, because I don’t think I know that I’m there yet. I just call it “me time”.

BabyJ&LittleA Definition- spending any amount of time possible… (toddler & preteen 7 year old mom, here) to myself. Allowing time to think clearly. Letting thoughts come & go.


It can be so hard to let your mind relax. Trying to not think about a million things at once.

What was for dinner again? ohhhh relaxing relaxing right… shoot did I put the clothes in the dryer? Ugh relaxing right right…

So, in true anxiety fashion I just call it me time & hope that I can relax enough to get it together. It is so important to give yourself a few minutes when you’re feeling super stressed especially, because well, you’re anxious!


That is where mindfulness comes in..

Google provided since the last definition we shared was so amazing I thought I’d let the big guy do the job this time around.

Mindfulness the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.

This one is almost a daily practice. It’s more gradual because it’s so much harder then you think. Paying attention to your choices. I don’t know if this is just me but, a lot of times I will correct my children or make a choice that a few minutes later I end up totally changing my mind on. It’s odd, I think a lot of it comes from just being the parent vs the child.

That’s why this is so great for an Anxiety Challenge because it can be awesome once you start taking better notice to all of your choices.

Great for when we’re feeling at the end of our rope for the day. I don’t know about you guys but, bedtime can be difficult around here. It has just recently been getting better & honestly I could do a post on just that. I gave up a lot of what I wanted just for the happiness and sanity and all of us. Which is what mom’s do right?

How ever your kids get to sleep, as long as they are safe & healthy that’s all that matters.

That’s it. Take a few minutes (20 minutes tops) tonight, before your glass of wine or your can of beer & do your homework. If you do comment with what you chose to do! What is your favorite mindfulness or meditation practice.


  • Take 10 minutes and have some me time.
  • Over the next couple days practice a few minutes of Mindfulness

Momma tries to leave the house

if you guys need me, I’ll still be trying to leave the house with my children.

I mean seriously why is it harder to get them in the car and out of the house, then it is to run a marathon. I don’t understand why so much effort is needed!

It goes something similar to this

“Alright… I’ve got their clothes picked out, they finally ate something of substance… or did they?”

“SHOOOOT… Quick breakfast… then we’ll go, quick, quick, quick.”

“Seriously did I raise snails; What’s happening right now…?”

OK. Breakfast complete, now time for shoes. SHIT shoes… “Where are your socks???”Socks, check… shoes, check.

“NOOOOO don’t take your shoes and socks off!”

Ok, okay. Got those shoes back on, took my Lexapro, lord knows I need that, Coffee … check.

OK guys lets go.

Oh, that’s right it’s cold outdoors now. “COATS we need COATS.”

Anyone seen my phone?!

oh no, no not your shoes!!!!!! LEAVE THOSE ON.

If you need me that’s where I’ll be. This momma tries to leave the house time and time again and it’s harder then an American Ninja warriors course. I’m getting old and gray and I still can’t get those dang shoes on my toddler. Not to mention my oldest and her need for her phone and youtube.

Send wine.

Signed, Moments with A & J

FHF Don’t Worry, Be Happy

It’s “Friday” I was certain I posted this Friday guys. Wow. I am so sorry!! I could REALLY use some happiness. I have an appointment with a hematologist and I honestly had know idea that was in line with a cancer center. I am so very nervous and I have no idea what is going on. Any advice ya’ll have I am here for!!

MOVING ON because like I mentioned…

Finding your Happiness Friday!

Can you guess what I was doing?😍

This one is incredibly simple, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hold please.

Don’t hate because this is something your Grandparents might do.

Get your word search on!! ‼️ 🧘🏼‍♀️


OH MY GOSH. I found this super cute word search book in the three drawer mess we like to call, “craft drawers”. The theme I chose ….

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Haha how ironic, the one you see is drink up! I am ready for some wine 🍷🤣

Seriously … Could that be anymore perfect? It wasn’t super hard or anything but it allowed me to stop and focus on something different. Something other then all the worries going on in my head.

That’s my challenge for everyone.

So easy you guys. I used a magenta crayon to finish mine so, really it isn’t about the what… it’s about the why.

It can be hard of course with your kiddo BUT, I suggest trying coloring. A few coloring books, paper, crayons & markers if your nuts like us.

While not all little ones are ready or into that, J does very well for his age but it’s okay if they aren’t. He really enjoys it. Definitely supervised though… don’t get too caught up in finding the word apple if they are coloring. See last weeks post if you want to know more about that .🤣😂

I hope you guys enjoyed this little hack and Friday happiness. If you enjoy these or maybe you hate them. Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by.

👋🏻 👋🏻

Quick Reads 02

I find it impossible to plan what I want to write and I have so much to talk about I could really do a podcast of my own. This post is what we like to call at Baby J and Little A,

Quick Reads

The badass life Christmas Abbott
The book, seems like a good one so far. Glad I own it…

Which is basically just my excuse to share random stories with you guys! If I haven’t said it before I am saying it now… Brain Candy podcast is one of the best podcasts out there. I really enjoy the articles they share and many other things about it. That is what has inspired these types of posts.

First of all my new favorite website is they show you deals at all your local stores. This isn’t sponsored or anything… I just wanted to share a #lifehack or #momhack with you! If you have sku numbers of items you can look them up that way too. A great way to 👀 an item you really want but can’t dare to budget.

Hahah I’m so funny

So I could do a post with more hacks if you are interested. Let me know in comments or email me or DM me on Instagram!

Little A and I can’t stop jamming out to Lizzo. Clean version for kiddos! Such a fun dancing song.

Even Marc gets in on it sometimes.

“I do my hair toss, check my nails….”


Something terrible happened you guys, I am so embarrassed… J got ahold of a LIBRARY book. With crayons. I am so upset and honestly it isn’t going to be a cheap mistake I don’t think… well learned.

Wish me luck explaining that to our local library 🙃 Which you should go out and utilize. Just don’t let your children ruin your books.

Which brings me to my most important thought today. Our name is beginning to become outdated.

J is definitely not a baby anymore, little A is not so little anymore. I could really use some suggestions… Comment below! If I use your idea I will give you lots of gratitude 🙂

Crazymomoftwo sunsetsbeerandfamily oh Lordy that’s not a good one. Dropsoffsanddiys

Help us rename babyjlittlea ‼️‼️‼️‼️

Leave a comment!! Thanks for stopping by 😎

Staying Safe and Real Momma Talk

I had J 21 months ago & it’s still a little hard for me to believe it. I was terrified of labor… oh my gosh. I had really rough nightmares. My anxiety partially stemmed from this & with little to zero experience with babies I was stirring up a pot of terrible mental health.

Newborn to 21 months
Looking thru pictures w/ J earlier. From just minutes old to 21 months old. The best ‼️✨

I try not to make these too long because it can be so easy to get bored with posts. If you are looking for someone to tell you it’s going to be okay and mean it

This is it

I will not sugar coat it, make it seem easy. It’s doable though. Don’t consume yourself with looking at other moms. Or worrying about opinions or ideas that aren’t yours.

We can do this!!! Eat the ice cream, drink the wine, have your 4th cup of coffee 🤣😁

Me holding it together, daily journaling, coffee binging, & wondering what my toddler is destroying.

Small self care is important, take the shower. Maybe have the nap If the opportunity comes about. Doesn’t mean to not hold yourself accountable.

Life is so slow and so fast at the same time. Breathe it in for what it is!

Before I finish this post, my one last thing to mention.

I was followed on my walk recently. Yes, & J was with me unfortunately, A was not thank goodness. I would’ve rather no one, not even myself have been there.

This man was very persistent. I stayed calm and called Marc. It got him scared I guess because a heard him say “ aw man.” Like WHAT.

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”- Bruce Lee.

I am such an advocate for walking daily or as often as possible but… remember to be safe. It’s a scary thing especially with your child, people are bold!

Hold those babies close, be mad if you need to but get back at it🥰

Birthday Season, DIY Parties, Frugal Shopping.

You know the feeling, you’re all giddy.

It’s time for balloons & backyard games.

Cake & ice cream galore.


Diy Birthday Parties

Are my absolute favorite. That doesn’t mean they aren’t hectic and make me cry in the bathroom sometimes. However they are the best. I figured I would share a few of the things I have planned for A’s Shopkins party this year & past birthday party fun.

Last years unicornival really didn’t get the right love it deserved. ONLY because there aren’t great photos or an awesome post about it. The party was the best ever and I’m not sure anyone will forget it.

Punch a Cup

This one we’ve been doing for a few years now & it’s always a crowd favorite. I can’t wait to do one for J’s birthday in December as well.

You fill cups with prizes and the kids get to punch their own cup. This time I am going for more of a “blind box” version. Wish me luck!

This year I will be doing different prizes inside and obviously Shopkins style!

Pick a sucker!

Pick a sucker DIY carnival Game for girls and boys very easy love the way it turned out

With shopkins being the theme I have a couple ideas in mind. I want to do a version of “pin the tail on the donkey.” Just maybe with donuts or cupcakes.

This was one of our games last year at the Unicornival. It’s a classic carnival game.

The carnival theme was easier for games. I am not sure exactly what games we will do.

Clearance and Deals

If you don’t know, now you do! I love to find great deals. I practically Pinterest everything and I am just a little extra. If you would like to see more of this check out our Instagram and hit the follow button before you go!

Please, Comment & Follow if you like these posts!

I love when people comment and have great suggestions for me. I would love to hear them. Thanks for stopping by,


I have already missed a Friday. Please excuse me as I cozy into this new school year.

Are all kids back in school now?? I loved the deals I got this year on school supplies. I thought I was being terrible and last minute, not the case! Walmart had what I needed for very affordable price.

The black expo markers were the real splurge but… the teacher needed them and she’s taking sassy A for the WHOLE day, she can have whatever she wants.

Today is a super easy Happiness Friday!!

You know where this is going right? Same time as last year, the weather isn’t cold yet, and the kids are SOOOOO fun after school. (sarcasm of course 🤣)

The Playground

Do it. Take 15 minutes to hang out with your kiddo(s) at the playground. (time applicable)

Every time we go to the playground I haven’t regretted a thing. Both kids have such a good time and I try to just soak up the sun and find out something other then A’s day was “good.” Okay I lie, one time J fell off of the bench hard. We didn’t have the best time that time; It’s not always roses….

Finding your happiness can be within your kids. Not that we don’t deserve time alone! I feel like it’s so easy to get lost in wanting that time, that we loose little opportunities that can be so memorable!

So Your a Bad Mom

“You’re so into your kids.”

“Happiness is a choice.”

“Unicorns aren’t real.”

I mean seriously guys… I sorta feel like there is no winning in parenting. You are never really making the right choice. You’re always gonna be judged for how your doing things.


No one really talks about how mentally exhausting it is to be a parent & deal with judgmental people ALL around you.

Anxiety, my anxiety used to be manageable without medication. After two kids, I couldn’t handle anything.


Medication has helped but, there is some days where I have a really really hard time managing. My heart feels really heavy, like I can’t breathe.

Tired beyond belief. My second is so exhausting… fights me to put clothes on, J fights me over every possible thing. I feel like I’ve failed.

I don’t spend time away from my kids very often. I split- time with little A so that is mandatory. However, J & I are ALWAYS together.


Which I am so lucky & blessed to do. I just feel like I’m drowning somedays. It’s hard deciding what choices you want as a parent when your unsure of which ones you agreed with as a child.

This is my vent for today. I’m stealing a break. I literally snuck off when no one was looking. Happy Sunday. We refer to as “ew” day.


You guys!!! It has been so long since I wrote. I am sorry, I have been caught up in summer. We got a pool 🏊‍♀️ so A has been a little fish 🐠.

J is seriously a monkey, climbing out of his bed. If you follow our Instagram Stories you’ll know that he climbed out of his pack and play & down the steps he went! Waiting for me like, hey 👋🏻 mom… here I am.

Target is the place you guys! This was the only one wide enough with actual height.Target is the place you guys! This was the only one wide enough with actual height.

Finding your Happiness Friday 😁

Bewwwwmp Chickwawaooeaoo

That’s pronounced like an awesome guitar solo.

Hoping to stay dedicated to this… yay

It can be hard to see the light sometimes. Especially when it’s just you and your kids, no other adults and too much Daniel Tiger 🐯 will do that to ya.

Just remember

You are not a failure 🥰

Let me start off by saying a HUGE inspiration for this post was listening to different podcasts.

When I finally felt like I didn’t have to feel bad for how I’m feeling & I’m not the only one feeling so out of control. I was immediately more confident. You are not alone in this, regardless of how you have been feeling.

You do have a place 🙌🏻

Maybe you haven’t found it just yet, but you will. When you find your “place” it will just click. You will be excited about little things again. Your kids, your friends, your home, many of things can be your place.

Revisiting old wounds doesn’t make you failure✌🏻

I am a firm believer in “closure.” That doesn’t mean ruining an exes relationship 7 years, past your break-up because YOU need closure.

However, it can mean working hard to ending things as amicable as possible. Whether it’s a coffee shop you no longer want to visit, a mom at school giving you the look, or your co- parenting relationship (split or not) the “winning” is not regretting things said. The “winning” is simply being the bigger person.

Taking medications isn’t wrong or weak💪🏻

I broke down month after month after having my son J. I simply felt helpless, like a terrible parent, and just incapable of my job as a Mom.

I ended up trying out Zoloft (generic) & simply said it didn’t work for me. The long wait for results plus feeling robotic. Not for me.

Months later after multiple breakdowns I tried Lexapro (generic) and I seen results in a DAY. It was like my mind slowed down, I was able to think easier. It didn’t solve all my problems and I’m still working on what is going to work for me.

What works for some doesn’t work for others. Visit a doctor to find out how you can get help. That can only make you a stronger 💪🏼 parent.

I’m not doctor though. Only a google doctor.

Baby j and little a
A & I! Summertime☀️ is the best time

Happy Friday everyone!!

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